Peace Corps Timeline

Below is a brief timeline of my current application process to serve with the Peace Corps. I am posting this so those who are interested can get an idea of how the process works and to hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you have any more questions, please feel free to message me.

4/10/2013: Created an account on the Peace Corps webpage to begin the application process.

5/29/2013: Finalized all essays, resume and cover letter for job application. Submitted my online application and medical questionnaire before the May 30th cutoff for placement in Spring 2014.

6/4/2013: Received email from Peace Corps stating I didn’t attach my resume to the additional files within the application portal. Immediately logged on to the website and re-attached the file to my application. The email said I would be contacted within 10 days of submitting all information.

6/21/2013: Called recruiter to follow up about my application because it had been almost 3 weeks. She said she would contact me within 2 business days, and reminded me to inform my references that they will be contacted shortly.

6/24/2013: Received email about officially being accepted into the application process. At this point I have notified all references and all letters were submitted within 2 business days.

7/1/2013: Received a phone call from the recruiter saying everything has been received, and she would like to schedule me for a interview. The interview was the following day, so extremely short notice, but I said it works perfectly.

7/2/2013: Drove up to Portland State University to have my interview, dress was casual business. Interview lasted roughly 1.5 hours and a lot of the questions asked were on the PC Wiki page. The interview went really well, she said she was nominating me which means I have enough experience and I am a good fit for Peace Corps service. She also said I will be contacted within the week for a job description and tentative departure date which is part of the nomination.

7/10/2013: Received skill addendum in email, filled out that evening and emailed back to recruiter.

7/10/2013: Received phone call saying I have officially been nominated for Peace Corps service with a tentative departure date of April 2014 working in Community Health. I asked for a region, and got a vague answer stating she took all of my requests into consideration. I requested for South America, but stated that any region would be a good region. My recruiter also stated that within the next 2 weeks I should receive my legal kit in the mail.

7/15/2013: Received legal kit in mail around 3pm.

7/16/2013: Finished legal kit, mailed in via Fed-Ex by 11am with 2 day delivery.

7/30/2013: Received email stating my legal kit has officially been received by the Placement Office.

8/8/2013: Received email from Placement Office stating I need to attach more files to my application. I get the necessary files, attach them to the online portal and email them to the placement officer.

9/10/2013: I send an email to the Placement Office checking on my application status, and making sure they received all necessary files.

9/11/2013: Received email stating that my email was “missed” but all required materials were received and I will be contacted within a couple weeks. Was also told that the deadline for my invitation is in December 2013. The email also noted that I have been medically and legally pre-cleared.

9/27/2013: Received email from Placement and Assessment Office asking me to please upload a updated resume, transcripts showing I received my degree and include a copy of the Health Questionnaire they attached to the email. I submitted all of these within 5 hours and emailed the placement office saying my profile has been updated.

10/1/2013: Government shuts down, and puts a stop on any future PCV applications.

10/17/2013: Government reopens.

10/18/2013: Receive email stating all materials have officially been received and I will be contacted 4 months before my tentative departure date. The email explains that I should continue to gain more volunteer experience as it will only benefit me and my future host community. I was also asked the question if I would be interested in teaching either Biology/Math in place of my Community Health. I responded with I don’t feel qualified to teach Biology for Middle/High school, but am open to the needs of the countries. I am hoping that when I am contacted, it will still be for my Community Health nomination.

11/29/2013: Received email with a subject line “Placement Status Update” explaining that my application will be undergoing it’s final review by the Placement Officer Shortly.

12/11/2013: “PEACE CORPS INVITATION!” appeared in my email as in the early afternoon! I quickly read through the material, came with an acceptance form, job description, and “tentative” departure date. I accepted my invitation later that evening when I got home. I do want to note that it was for the country and job I was nominated for, Community Health Volunteer in Guyana departing April 28th! Immediately after accepting my invitation, the silence had ended, my inbox was flooded with Office of Medical Services emails. These emails informed me to log into the Medical Applicant Portal and review the necessary materials for shots and medical exams! Now it’s time to update my resume, write my aspiration statements, and get started on planning for Peace Corps service!


12/16/2013: Submitted my Aspiration Statement and Updated Resume to the Guyana Country Desk

12/22/2013: Filled out Guyana Visa Forms, No-Fee Passport forms, and got 6 Passport Photos to send to Peace Corps. Sent via Fed-Ex 2 day mail.

12/24/2013: Received phone call from SATA stating that they received my documents and that I wasn’t supposed to include a money order for the Guyana Visa, it would be placed in the mail and sent back to me.

1/3/2014: Printed off all required Medical forms, scheduled doctors appointment and a dental exam.

1/4/2014: Completed all New Volunteer Portal tasks.

1/15/2014: Received email from Country Desk in Guyana asking me to fill out a (1) Personal and (2) Pre-Service Questionnaire detailing both my skills and preferences for site placement post-PST.

1/21/2014: Finished Questionnaires and emailed them to Country Desk in Guyana.

1/24/2014: Completed all activities on Peace Corps Learning Space.

1/31/2014: Scanned and uploaded all (but one) medical forms to the Medical Portal for Final Clearance.

2/4/2014: Scanned and uploaded last and final medical form to the Medical Portal.

2/5/2014: Received email stating additional documentation is required for some of the forms I turned in.

2/11/2014 (10:52am): Acquired additional information required for medical clearance and uploaded to Medical Portal.

2/11/2014 (11:48am): Received email notifying me of FINAL MEDICAL CLEARANCE! I expected an email within 3 to 5 days, not within the hour! It was a pleasant surprise, and Peace Corps Guyana is now official!

3/6/2014: Received email from Peace Corps Guyana asking to do a follow-up phone interview regarding my answers on the questionnaires I filled out in January. Due to travel arrangements, my interview was scheduled to 4/1/2014/

3/28/2014: STAGING! Received email from Staging unit with directions on how to book my flight, a time schedule for staging, and my flight details for Guyana. I called SATO immediately and booked my flight to arrive in Miami, where staging will occur for my group.

4/1/2014: Had phone interview today with 3 people from Guyana. Interview lasted about 30 minutes and was a time where I was able to ask questions I had and they were able to follow up with me with the answers on my questionaries.

4/28/2014: Staging/Orientation in Miami, Florida!!

4/29/2014: Depart for Peace Corps Guyana!!!!!!


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