PC Guyana Blogs

Below I have included several blogs that I was able to use as a resource and were beneficial to me throughout my application process. I also have several other blogs listed from current and past volunteers in Guyana, as well as volunteers serving in other regions.

I personally had a hard time finding blogs for volunteers currently serving in Guyana. One of my main goals for this page is to provide you (the reader) with a variety of blogs from those serving in Guyana so that you can see what each individuals service is like. If you find any good resources, please feel free to email me. Thank you again for looking!

Peace Corps Guyana Resources

Peace Corps Guyana Blogs

Guy27 (2015-2017) Blogs

Guy26 (2014-2016) Blogs. These blogs are from those serving in my current group.

Guy24 (2012-2014) Blogs, all in coastal sites.

Guy23 Blogs

  • It’s Always Sunny In Guyana: Guy23, Married couple serving in a remote site working in Community Health and Education. This blog also includes a list of a roughly a dozen more Guy23 blogs.

Peace Corps Guyana Response Volunteers

Other Peace Corps Blogs in various regions


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