Pre-Service Expenses

Below is a brief list of expenses I have accrued throughout both the application process and medical/dental final clearance. Some expenses are reimbursed through the Peace Corps up to a given amount, I will do my best to note that on here as well.


  • Finger Prints through local Sheriffs Office $25 + 2 Day Fed-Ex mail $17.83 = $42.83
  • No Fee Passport $25 + 6 Passport Photos $20 + 2 Day Fed-Ex $18.79 = $63.79
  • Travel Vaccinations through Safeway Total: $287
  •   – Travel Consultant Fee $49
  •   – Tetanus $69
  •   – Yellow Fever $120 (Peace Corps provides a refund of up to $150 for this vaccination.)
  •   – Polio $60

2 thoughts on “Pre-Service Expenses”

  1. Hey Jeremy, I found your blog through the FPCV FB group. Glad to see another Oregon native heading out to service soon. I’ll be leaving for Ethiopia staging in just a few days… if this snow storm gives a little. I’m curious where you got 6 passport photos for $20?! Every place in Portland charges an arm and a leg.

    1. Hi Allison! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your service time in Ethiopia! I have a couple friends who have served in different parts of Africa and have loved every second of it. As for my passport photos, I believe I got them at Walgreens. I think they typically run 2 for $6.99 but the gal who took them, had a coupon which saved me like $3-$4, I don’t recall the exact amounts though–I’d be lying if I did not say I was baffled by the pre-service costs.

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